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Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

11 Sep

This week’s photo challenge is to post a photo with an unusual point of view.

The below image was taken by putting my GoPro camera on timer and placing it at the bottom of a swimming pool! I then spent a few minutes swimming back and forth on the surface and the end result was some pretty cool silhouette images, one of which I have shared below. An interesting POV? I like to think so. :)

gopro underwater photo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

3 Sep

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is to take and post shots of the sea.

As I’m surrently living in the centre of Korea (I’m smack bang in the middle between North and South) I don’t have much access to the sea! However, I am extremely lucky that I come from an island totally surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea and thus I will use this post to look back on all the good times I have had there and portray how beautiful Ireland really is.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

25 Aug

bug ethiopia

Sometimes you need to stop walking through life at such a fast pace, pause for a moment, and enjoy the little treasures that are right in front of you…treasures that are often only visible when you make the time to take a closer look.

I have many close up shots of beautiful and vibrantly colorful flowers and insects, but this is the only time that I managed to capture and focus both at the same time. A beautiful moment captured forever. 

Below are a few more of my favorite shots with background defocus. Enjoy! :)

focus nature


tea plantation bali

Weekly Photo Challenge – Carefree Puffins

18 Aug

I love the theme of this weeks weekly photo challenge so much that I’m going to do it TWICE!!

A few months ago I visited Skellig Michael, an island off the West coast of Ireland, which is home to 1,000’s of beautiful Puffins. I made a blog post at the time, but there were many more great photos of the carefree Puffins which I didn’t post on my blog, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to share them with you. 

skellig michael puffins



puffin skellig michael

puffins ireland

irish puffins



Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

18 Aug

When I saw the title of this weeks photo challenge I knew immediately which photos I wanted to use. It should be noted that one of the shots below was not actually taken by me…it was in fact taken by my camera as it floated away into the sky.

I’m guessing it was feeling pretty carefree at the time, as the timer worked its charm, snapping aerial photos of my house and farm every 2 seconds as it began its journey West with not a worry in the world….except for the pull of the 20 colorful helium balloons to which it was tied to. 

Admittedly I’m sure my camera was feeling a lot more CAREFREE than I was! (To read more about the camera adventure, click HERE.)

gopro balloons

gopro aerial photos


gopro aerial photo balloons UP

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

11 Aug

I have decided I’m going to start participating in the ‘Weekly Photo Challenge’ to ensure I update my blog on a regular basis! This is my first attempt so forgive me if I’m doing it wrong! As far as I’m aware the challenge is to post 2 photographs of the same shot, but taken at different angles. I have chosen 6 different photos, so 3 sets of shots.

The first set is the view from the plane while flying to Bali. These were taken at 6am as the sun was rising over China. At first I looked straight out and immediately snapped a pic of the sunrise as it was turning the sky all sorts of wonderful colors. I then looked down and was amazed by all the lights of the city below. I have no idea what city it was…but somewhere in China anyway!

sun rising china




The second set of photographs is from the rice paddies in Bali. I saw this man working very hard walking back and forth with this huge bucket on his shoulder. I was actually on a cycling tour so snapped these pics quickly as we were passing by.



bali rice paddies

The third set is from a Helipad on top of an office block in Kuala Lumpur. This place was amazing and I must have taken 20 photos of the same thing, from all different angles, trying to make it look ‘edgy’! These were 2 of my favorites from the shoot.


DSC05423 DSC05428

Let me know what you think, and I look forward to checking out other peoples photos!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

11 Nov

The only thing that can bring things back to life, and restore energy levels in this community, is clean water.

As long as there is water, these young kids can continue to grow, continue to learn, continue to live.


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