Wined and Dined in Heathrow

(EDIT: I wrote this on my way to Oz 2 years ago…one of my first blog posts! The guy I was writing about has just won Cork Person of The Year for his company PCH International, which is now worth over 300 Million. Just goes to show formal education isn’t everything as this guy didn’t even finish high school What an inspiration to all. Congrats Liam Casey, doing Cork  and Ireland proud!)

On my flight from Cork to London (the first of 3 flights and the start of a 2 day journey to New Zealand!!) I got talking to the guy next to me on the plane about blogs. He told me how how he knows lots of people with excellent blogs and wondered did I have one.  Considering this is my first real blog post, I may have lied a little!!

Upon arrival in the nightmare that is heathrow airport he helped me find my way around and check in etc and continued to buy me a few beloved pints of bulmers (we did have 5 hours to kill!). He told me how he had failed his leaving certificate and never went to college yet has spent the past 14 years working in China for a company that makes accessories for i-phones and blackberries and other la dee daa smart phones and employs over 800 people worldwide.

 He used his own to find us an excellent restaurant with the help of an application called YELP which people can tell you shops, bars and restaurants in the vicinity with a click of a button and you can even read reviews. Technology continues to boggle my mind.

He carried on how he knows the guy who set up Facebook, the CEO of Blackberry and other high fliers. It wasn’t until we had talked for hours that I realised that he didn’t just work for this company…he owned it!! Just shows that formal education ain’t everything. It is moments or encounters like this that make travelling so awesome and REALLY opens up your eyes to the endless possibilties in life. Get out there and MAKE that dream come true, cause that’s what I plan on doing. 🙂

Next stop Singapore.


4 thoughts on “Wined and Dined in Heathrow

  1. I love meeting people like that! People are successful not because of formal education! But because they turn their dreams into realities! Cool Post!

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