The Big Blue!

After bidding farewell to Ali in Auckland my next stop was a place I have been excited about going to all my life. In my mind I had conjured up images of spectacular fireworks shows over the harbour, hot surfers riding the waves at Bondi beach and dressing up all swit swoo for shows in The infamous Opera House…it could only be Sydney.

Within only 5 days of arriving in Australia I had 2 job offers. The first was working on a remote Horse farm 3 hours north of Sydney (where temperatures soared to over 40’c!). The job entailed feeding, washing and exercising the horses for a few hours each day and in return I would get my own farm house, free food and a little pocket money.

The second choice was working as a receptionist and cleaner in,according to hostelworld, a serious Party Hostel in the crazy, loud, pimpin’ district of Kings Cross.( Think a lil bit of Amsterdam in the heart of Sydney!!) With  trips to various bars and night clubs, free drinks EVERY night, and endless partying in a specially designated “Blue Room” which sole purpose was a to be a haven where guests could pump up the music, play drinking games and party all night long. I’m sure you have already guessed which job I chose! 🙂

My working schedule was plain loopy. Some days I would be on reception until 8pm then go straight to the blue room where I would be dragged into some crazy game of Kings Cup, drink my way through a few litres of goon then head out to some club in the cross only to crawl home in the wee hours of the morning. Waking up at 7am to clean a four-storey hostel having only got to sleep at 5am turned out to be quite the challenge. As much fun as it was working on reception each day and talking to all the guests, cleaning the hostel each morning was nothing short of a nightmare.

I can remember one morning filling over 4 black bin bags with empty beer bottles, disgusting cans filled with cigarette butts and endless empty bags of goon (cheap cask wine that costs $10 for 4 litres!). Then I was confronted on the stairs with a trail of vomit the whole way up to level 2 which I promptly had to scrub clean. On top of this I had to go about tidying/vacuuming all the dorms full of hungover, and quite often smelly, backpackers! Dee, a fellow Irish girl who also worked as a hostel cleaner, and I once had to clean the dreaded room 405, in which 8 English guys had been living in for 6 weeks and previous cleaners had refused to touch it. We found one of the mattresses had been trown out the window onto the roof below and replaced with about 25 empty bags of goon. Their were cigarette butts everywhere, girls jewellery and underwear, dirty clothes, half eaten food, used…ok you get the picture, it was truel mingin.

Sydney Opera House
Thr things I came across when cleaning...!
Another night in the Blue Room
Stuart (one of the culprits of room 405!) and Me
Goon,Goon,Goon,Goon I want you in my room

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