A Smurf Christmas

Spending Christmas and New Years in a Hostel was a real first and is not for the faint of heart or weak of liver!! On Christmas Eve a lot of the long termers from the hostel (guys who had been treating it like a home for months) decided what better way to celebrate Christmas than to dress like Smurfs, which was bizarre and hilarious in equal measures!

The huge group of did a bit of a pub crawl around Kings Cross, only to to turned away again and again for ‘having too little clothes on’,  ‘being covered in paint’ or because ‘the photo on your id does not look like you (well duh I currently look like a smurf’. We ended up, of course, in O Malleys Irish Pub circa 3am singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, whilst downing cheap jugs of snakebite. Fun times.

Christmas day was crazy. I was on reception from 9am to 2pm (my first time ever working on Christmas day!), which merely involved me pumping out my fave cheesy xmas tunes throughout the hostel and giving out free candy canes. I do believe I may even have drank a beer or two..tut tut!

Later I met up with my best Canadian buddy, Sarah and the two English girls, Guss and Tilly, who I had met in Nomads Westend Backpackers. We partied the day away at ‘Sunburnt Christmas’ in the Bondi Pavillion, which included a wet t-shirt competition, awesome Dj’s and about 5,000 drunk backpackers in bikinis and santa hats. It would have been more fitting to call the event “Wet Wet Christmas” as the sun was far far away!

Sarah and I spent much of the time swimming in the warm (ahem) waters of Bondi beach, prancing around in the rain chatting to randomers and ended up, as always, back in the hostel blue room drinking into the wee hours of the morning.

A somewhat unconventional Christmas, to say the least.


Scary Smoking Smurfs1
Smurfs hit Kings Cross!


Guss, Janet, Tilly on Bondi Beach


Sunburnt Christmas @ Bondi


Sarah and Me

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