Ode to the Globe

Read/sing  to the tune of ‘Fresh Prince of Belair’ (JUST FOR GIGGLES)

Now this is a story all about life,
Working and partying on the same site
I want to tell you the deal, it won’t take a min,
here’s your key and some linen- now your all checked in

Welcome to the Globe, here in Kings Cross,
home of the blue room…and memory loss,
We like chilling out, drinking, downing some goon,
Playing Kings all night..getting up after noon.

One night all the guys- they dressed up all Blue
drank too much beer- one passed out on the loo!
Be it arguing with each other and loosing a fight to a door,
Yet another guest will start shouting “Stop sleeping on the floor!”

Sunday comes round, but it’s no day of rest
It’s off to O Malleys for a Sunday sesh!
6 dollar snake bite…leaves you a mess!

More Germans, more Frenchies, some Canadian chicks
all the boys are thinking about is their….
need for a beer pack of six! 😉


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