Pirates of the Pacific!

Everyone knows that spending New Years Eve in Sydney will be nothing short of spectacular. Everyone can picture the endless bursts of light as the fireworks explode over the picture perfect Sydney harbour, celebrating into the wee hours in some classy club with classy people or at some party on Bondi Beach making strangers your friends and calling alcohol you nemisis, (well the next morning anyway)!

I decided to do something a little different. 

I splurged a whole weeks wages on a New Years Eve Pirate themed cruise of Sydney Harbour, which was being organized by The Globe. The (outrageous) price included a dinner on board and ALL YOU CAN DRINK all night long. Happy days. Getting ready was as much fun as the cruise inself. Candace, another Canadian I befriended, and I spent the afternoon getting ready. I had to ‘leg it’ to the fancy dressshop in Bondi Junction to look for a hook, an eyemask and maybe some funky fishnet tights only to came across about half of the hostel looking for similar accessories! In the end I bought most of my outfit in a nearby charity shop and dollar store, which turned out to be a lot more original and a LOT cheaper!

The cruise was due to set sail at 6.30pm so the gang from the hostel, about 30 of us in full Pirate costumes, made our way down to Darling Harbour, with beers in hand. The strange looks we got from people were priceless. In fact I’m pretty sure the guys may have scared a kid or two. When we eventually made it to the Harbour our cruise was nowhere to be seen. We did come across an awesome tall ship which we charged towards.

“Arrgh me mateys! Lets commandeer this ship!!” one of the lads roared as we all shouted “Arrrr” back at him.

The guests on board the $1000 a ticket luxurious vessel observed us with curiousity and we returned there amused gazes with fierce looks! How dare they sit there, looking all pretty on sipping expensive champagne on OUR ship! We eventually found our boat which was a far cry from the mighty Pirate Ship we failed to board, but which we loved all the same for its copious amounts of free alcohol. We spent the evening mingling on deck, dancing down below to all the latest hits and had front row seats to the most spectacular, mesmesiring, fantastic fireworks display I have ever witnessed.

We sailed out of Darling Harbour as the sun was setting on 2009 and sailed back in, a liitle drunker but a lot happier in 2010.

 A great decade, a great year and a great night.

Arrr me mateys group shot
A shadow of my former self
Pirate chat
Sailing into the Harbour
Sunset cruise
Acting like ruthless pirates!
Smile! You're in Syndey!
Fireworks at midnight
Happy 2010 from Sydney

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