Have YOU got your free ceiling insulation?

On the train back to Melbourne, I was sat next to a group of 8 Irish guys. Feckin Irish…they’re everywhere!! The journey was pretty hilarious as all the lads were drinking beer to the dismay of the train staff. Lets say subtletey was not their strong point! Turned out they were working on the Government Insulation rebate Scheme, installing free ceiling insullation to houses in the area. Good money to be made, or so I was told. We decided to keep in touch and had the usual drunken mess of a time in PJ O Briens Irish bar later that night. Back onto gumtree the next day for me to look for a new job…and when I came across an ad looking for door to door sales people on behalf of the Government Insullation scheme I thought ‘bingo, this could be my chance’.


As luck would have it I was offered the job and was told to meet the Boss and his sales crew at the infamous(VERY popular backpacker bar in St Kilda) Hotel Barkly that evening…and who was I to bump into there…but all the guys from the train. Turned out they worked for the same company and we would all be working together travelling around Victoria, staying in motels and campsites, selling and installing insulation. HAPPY (random) days!! The job was unreal. We only had to work 2 hours each evening going door to door asking people if they would like the free insulation…. and for the rest of the time we lounged by the pool topping up our tans or lounged around the kitchen table playing all sorts of drinking games. It seemed too good to be true…and it was!! Only a week into the job the government pulled the scheme and 1000’s of people country wide, myself included, were suddenly unemployed. Yet again. GAH. 

Never-the-less the group of 21 (17 of whom were Irish and the majority of whom were male!) decided to stick around in Echuca for the long weekend to chill out and blow whatever money we had left…as you do! We all booked into a pretty awesome camp site with deluxe cabins overlooking a lagoon and swimming pool and spent the weekned topping up our tans, bursting into song whenever Mumford and Sons “Little Lion Man” came on the radio. Mention must also be given to the cheesy classics ‘My Boomerang won’t come back” and “Land Downunder” which we proceeded to sing at the top of our lungs whilst cruising around the town in the mini-van, playing crazy golf and getting totally lost in a kids maze! Considering we had all just lost our jobs, we managed to have an awful lot of fun!


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