St Patrick comes to Melbourne

St Patricks Day, the nations favourite holiday, and a worldwide celebration of all things Irish. Leprechanuns, Irish dancing, Riverdance, Shamrocks and all things green. Oh and did I mention drinking? Lots and lots of drinking. Guinness, Bulmers, pints, shots, pub crawls, drinking marathons…all in a days work. In Ireland you can expect a day for all the family including a huge parade in all the main cities. In Melbourne I didn’t really know what to expect, but I knew we would make our own fun regardless.

Waiting for the tram circa 9am!!First Pints of the day


 I organized a bit of a pubcrawl on the Melbourne Couchsurfing group and Vera (a friend from the farm) and I set off at 9 O Clock in the morning to start our day of fun. The first bar, St Kilda Hotel, was already pumping by the time we arrived at 10am…a time when pubs in Ireland would not even be open yet! We then continued on to the ever lively PJ O Briens in South Bank, where we met Kieren(Irish), Jonny(American), Jen(Canadian), Agnieska (Poland) and a few other CSers whose names have slipped my mind!

Vera is off to Cork, like.
Me, Vera, Kieran and Jonny

Following some crazy Irish dancing antics to my all time favourite song ‘Galway Girl’, a few free over sized Guinness hats and lots of newly made friends we headed off on our pubcrawl around the city. Every Irish person and their mother was covered head to toe in green, and if they weren’t we helped them out by covering them in green face-paint!

From Pj o Briens to Pog Mo Thoins to Daniel O Connells to The Corkman and many random bars in between, Melbourne on St Patricks day was even better than Dublin. The sun was shining, drinks were cheap, everyone was in fine form, there were more Irish people than there are in Ireland and unlike the drink fuelled mess to be found circa 2am on the streets of Dublin, most people were at home in bed by 11pm happy with their days antics.

Bright, sun shiney day!
All the girls enjoying the pubcrawl
"I've never met anyone like a Galway Girl.."

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