“Neighbours, Everybody needs good neighbours…”

The sign that was not to be found!

On one of my last days in Melbourne before jetting off to New Zealand to meet my parents, Vera and I decided to drive to Pine Oak Coart AKA Ramsay St from the popular Aussi soap “Neighbours”. Excitement does not begin to descibe how I was feeling…I was pretty much ecstatic about finally getting to see where all the action takes place, where nasty Paul Robinson lives, and maybe even get a peak at some of the hotties. I’m sad like that.

It took us nearly an hour to get there form the city which was the first Bummer. We were half expecting to come across these busy street filled with cameras and lots of tourists taking pictures. What we found was a quiet leafy suburb with no sign what-so-ever that a world famous Soap is filmed here. There were no other tourists, no information signs and if I hadn’t known the street name in real life we would never have found it.

None-the-less I still got my picture outside the infamour Ramsay house. Happy Days.

I could SO be an extra...the next Donna?!

The real Ramsay street

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