It’s a puzzling world…

While enroute to Lake Wanaka we dropped into Stuart Landsborough’s ‘Puzzling World which is a world unique attraction specialising in puzzling eccentricity, an attraction which may well have the most photographed odities in New Zealand. The attraction has the world’s first ‘modern maze’, a puzzle cafe and mind boggling illusion rooms, the likes of which I have never seen before.

Puzzling world, Wanaka


The illusion rooms, my favourite part of Puzzling World, make you question what is real and what is not and alter perspectives. There is a room filled with 3D Holograms which seem to have so many pictures in each frame that you could spend hours trying to figure them all out. They also have  ‘Hall of Following Faces” which is a high roofed round room, where upon entering 168 giant models of famous faces seem to turn and follow you around the room.

Ali inspecting the 'Following Faces'.

Next we went into what is known as the Ames Forced Perspective Room. The technique of this illusion was actually used in The Lord of the Rings film to create tall people and little people.I, however, had fun feeling like a giant while my 6 foot 4 inch, extremely tall Dad looked like a small child.

Giant Janet and Tiny Dad

After Ali and I had endless fun in here, we went on to the Tilted house where I felt physically sick. The room is tilted at an angle of fifteen degrees so everyone inside looks like they are walking at a very strange angle, and it also gives the illusion that water from the tap is flowing upstream and a ball on a pool table appears to roll up-hill. After about 10 minutes in here, I felt dizzy and had to make my escape back to reality.

Sloping at 15 degrees
Leaning Tower of Wanaka, only clock in the world that goes backwards.

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