Pancake rocks, Glaciers and Swing bridges!

Beware of falling ice…
Franza Josef Glacier Pools

Once we felt revived we hopped back into the camper and set off up the coast again. Our next stop was the pancake rocks or ‘Punakaiki’ in Greymouth. Here, just a short walk from the road, we saw all sorts of interesting rock formations, sea stacks and blow holes some of which formed up to 30 million years ago.

Pancake rocks

We drove on and stopped for an adrenaline kick at the Buller Gorge where we risked life and limb to cross the shaky swing bridge (longest in New Zealand) across the Buller gorge. After exploring the other side and seeing where a lot of gold panning took place many years ago we decided to take the comet line back across to safety which was awesome fun, just as long as your not afraid of heights!!

Me in front of Buller Gorge Swing Bridge

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