I HEART strangers!

On my way to Australia last November I had a great experience where I befriended a stanger on the plane from Cork, who turned out to be a mega rich business man who employed over 800 people in China. An experience that can be read about here.

Almost a year later and as my trip to Korea begins, I find more strangers coming to my rescue. Firstly, on the train from Cork to Dublin, 10 minutes into the journey I realise I’ve forgotten my phone. My precious other half who I honestly don’t think I can live without.

Farewell my precious...

I am devastated and the girl sitting opposite me notices and decided to help me out. The girl beside me also feels my pain and lends me her phone to try and track the wherabouts of my own. After several calls, and even an attempt to contact people via wireless internet on one girls laptop, I sadly never did get my phone back but I feel I did succeed in making 2 new friends so it wasn’t all bad!!

On to Heathrow and a dreaded 5 hour stopover. As all the restaurants were super busy so I was asked to share a table with a few other travellers. No problemo. I got talking to the guy opposite me, mainly because the cocktail he was drinking looked interesting so I decided to order the same(!), and he turned out to be a very good-looking and interesting Irish guy (if you are reading this…HELLO!). We had a great conversation about work, travel and life, as he asked me why I had decided to jet off to Korea for a year. As he stood up to leave, he informed that he had been so intrigued listening to me talk and was sad he had to depart that he  payed for my meal and drink as a farewell gift…who said chivalry is dead?!

Another great start to an adventure overseas.


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