Hard times in Korea!!

So I can’t sleep so thought I would have a bit of a rant. Its 4am and I have to get up in 4 hours for work. Gah.

I always write about the positive side of travelling. Most people do. You upload the good photos and the photos that show you having the most fun. You update your facebook with the marvels of your new adventure. But what about the hard times? The times when you think

Man why do I do this? I could be at home eating my mumsRoast dinner but instead I’m stranded in middle of nowhere South Korea eating bloody jelly fish!”.

So lets talk about the tough times. For me, today was truely a crap day. Firstly its like 34’c and 100% humidty. So the minute you leave your air conditioned room you start to swaet. You step into the street and you are already wet with sweat, its sticky and uncomfortable and you feel mingin. Next you realise the place smells. Yes there is a real awful smell. No, not from the sweat…but here in Korea there is just this weird smell. They ferment a lot of their vegetables and it creates this awful waft that drifts through the streets.

Next…no one speaks English. I am in rural South Korea. I can see the mountains of North Korea from my bedroom and am nearly 2 hours from Seoul. I had to get a bus to Munsan today which prooved more than a little difficult. I wait at bus stop. Bus comes. I ask driver “Munsan?”. He shakes his head and wave his hand saying no. Off I get to wait for next bus. “Munsan?” He shakes his head and says few words in Korean then “Seoul”. Crap I get off bus again and wait another 20 minutes. Say to women next to me, “Munsan?” “Bus to Munsan” *point at bus”. She says all buses go to Munsan,I could have got last 2 buses aswell. Gah.

Ahhh Korean food. Don’t get me wrong I love spicy food. But they live by it…every dish is accompanied by dash of chilli and red pepper sauce. They have all sorts of side dishes you are obliged to taste..some of which look like gelatine gone wrong. I went for  korean bbq with my boss. They had no menus and as you just order what you like, my boss ordered for me. He ordered me Tofu! Who the hell goes for a bbq and orders Tofu. A huge platefull of tofu.

As the travel stomach bug. New country, new food, new time zone. Everyone has been there. That awful case of diaorrhea that you can’t avoid. Feeling sick in a strange country sucks.

Koreans seemingly have no manners. If you hold the door open for them, which I always do out of habit, don’t expect a thank-you. It’s not that they are being rude, its actually their culture. It still annoys me though.

But without the bad things we could never appreciate the good things so here is to tomorrow being a better day.


5 thoughts on “Hard times in Korea!!

  1. Mmm I’d love BBQ’d tofu 😉
    Love reading posts like this – very truthful! So many people, like you said, only say the good points and omit all the struggles in between.
    Hope the trip picks up my dear.

  2. Thanks kel, I’m sure it will! Just culture shock at the start and all that. I’ll post you over a tonne of tofu so haha x

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