Scotland isn’t a REAL country.

So I see you reading the title. Thinking “This blog is supposed to be about Korea, not SCOTLAND”. Oh and also thinking, “Scotland IS a real country you absolute idiot.”

Well today was my first day teaching. And as there is only one other teacher in our little hogwan, we spend a lot of time in each others company in the small staff room. Today I was teaching a lower level English class about countries around the world. I chose Ireland (obviously!), Scotland and South Africa.

Scotland the Brave!

To make things more colourful I set about drawing a huge Scottish flag. My co-worker walks in and says ,

What’s that?”

So I say, “It’s the Scottish flag“.

He replies, “But Scotland isn’t a REAL country. It’s just a state in England.”

HA! Tell that to my Scottish mates!

I spent the next 10 minutes explaining to him that Scotland was in fact a real country and we even had a laugh watching some cool clips from the movie Braveheart…I mean you gotta love William Wallace and his “Freedom” speech.

So, in honour of the mighty nation of Scotland, I dedicate this post.


10 thoughts on “Scotland isn’t a REAL country.

  1. Haha thanks for the comment! Yea I love Scotland so much and have lots of friends there so always willing to stand up for them. Plus Ireland has similar problems!! Thats cool that you are moving to Scotland, I’m looking forward to reading how you get on there! 🙂

  2. Hi, I hope you’re enjoying it in Korea. I’m liking the blog.

    I hate to be a spoiler but Scotland isn’t a recognized country because it isn’t properly self governed among other reasons ( Having said that, neither is England, Wales, or NI. The UK, technically, is the only recognized country.

    I only learned that when I came to Korea. Strange how little we know about these things.

  3. Hi Jimmy! Thanks for your comment and info…my scottish friend told me something similar when I posted this on facebook.
    But at the same time said I was right in saying “Scotland isn’t just a state in England.” Well as this is a personal blog I’m still going to maintain my silly little opinion that it IS a real country. And a great one at that. 🙂
    P.s. Your blog is the layout,I’m useless at stufflike that!!

  4. Yeah, in my head, I still think that they are four separate countries. In fact, I don’t even like it when people say I’m British.

    Very stupid, I know, but I can’t help it.

    Thanks for the compliment.

    I like the layout of your blog as it is. Its very clean cut.

    Keep up the blogging.

    1. Sorry to point this out but Scotland is a REAL country. All that Scotland is in is an arranged marriage with England (no not Wales which is a principality of England nor Northern Ireland, or Ulster to give it its proper name, which is a ‘district’ of the UK).
      The only 2 meaningful countries are Scotland and England, joined by acts of both crown and parliament, but retaining borders.
      I feel as though folk do not understand the fundamental differences between the two, different legal systems, different schooling, different national health services.
      For Scotland and England to ‘separate’ all that is required if for the arranged marrigae to be ripped up which can, if ever allowed, be decided by the population of one of the countries.
      Scotland can in effect end the marriage, even with a population of 5 million to Englands 55 million.
      We are, and always will be separate countries, we share different histories and cultures. Scots are as much English as Americans are Canadians.
      Alba gu brath.

  5. When in the US teaching I was told that England was physically joined to Europe, and that London AND Scotland were cities of Europe. London being the ONLY City in England. This by a class of 12 year olds! Scotland is a Country that shortly be totally independant soon if Alex Salmond has his way lol, anyhow. Not sure I know where the US is, is it a Country, yep one of those third World bancrupt ones!

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