Money, Money, Money…!

So I have officially been in Korea 1 week now. Korea and I, well, we’ve got off to quite the  turbulent start. That’s not to say I’m not enjoYing Korea, I’m just experiencing high levels of culture shock that I was not prepared for.

On top of all the minor little troubles I decided to rant about I’m now having a bigger problem. Money,Money,Money. Yesterday I headed off shopping with my trusty  cirrus/maestro card but to my dismay the atm in the supermarket rejected it. So I went to another banks atm, more rejection. I ended up going all over the city to over 12 different atms in search of one that would accept my card. No luck. I went to all the family marts atms, the 7-11’s, farmers Union bank, Wolli bank…

Frustrated, tired, and WET (it’s monsoon season here, did I mention that?!) I gave up and resigned back to my motel. My card that worked in the depths of Africa, from Ethiopia to Uganda, doesn’t work in one of the most technologically developed nations on earth. WTF.

Today I went to a nearby city, about 40 minutes away and after lots of attempts, finally found a ‘Global atm’. Hurrah! There is a god afterall. However as they would only let me take out a measly daily limit I will have to make the trek there every time I need moola which is a total pain in the ass.

There really is NOTHING worse than been short of money. I have experienced this before in some places in Africa and still remember the panic it brought upon me.

So next time Mastercard bring out a new Tv advert I hope it goes something like this;

Flights to Korea: 1000 Euro.

Taxi fare: 20 Euro

Hotel: 100 Euro

Dinner: 10 Euro.

…Been stuck in a Non- English speaking country during monsoon season and realising nobody accepts your card…


Some things in life are priceless, but for everything else, there’s Mastercard. Oh, except in Korea!!

Have you ever had money problems while abroad? Tell me your story…let me know I’m not alone in my frustration!


4 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money…!

  1. People say money isn’t everything, but being out of money sucks, and i get nervous, i really do, even though i shouldn’t.

    I know exactly what your on about, but on the flip side, some people feel liberated when they dont have any money.

    The last time i was out of money, i found out someone had skimmed $8,000 out of my account in Brazil, i had to go back to my couch surfer’s and sort it out, i must of had $2 on me when i got back, i was very, as one of my other couchsurfers said ‘I dont think your lucky, but your very fortunate’, indeed i was.

    1. 8000 dollars? Shit balls. I would have cried for hours. Poor Kieran!
      You are right, some people do feel liberated without money, but it def depends on where you are living and the circumstances. For example on a dessert island in AFrica I was happy out eating fish we caught from the sea, drinking water, eating home-grown pineapples but living in a big and bustling city in Korea…I feel lost without money!! 🙂

      1. Yeap, When you live in a modern city money does make the world go around. I am enjoying reading your blog. It makes me want to write one. I might see you out there some day. You never know. Keep the chin up.

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