Always look on the bright side of life…

Ok enough ranting. Enough posts to depress you. Heck, I hope I haven’t been putting people off coming to Korea. This will be a purely positive post. A post about looking on the brightside of life. You kow the whole “Don’t worry, be happy” or as a wise friend of mine recently said “The grass is always greener where you water it.” Never a truer word.

Let’s talk about Koreans. Everywhere you go in the world people have certain stereotypes of people. I would say both Africans and well, the Irish are known for their friendliness. But what about the Koreans? During my 1st week living here I have found them to be nothing but helpful. They will go WAY out of their way to help you, to make you feel comfortable and make sure your happy.

Sometimes you may feel lonely or isolated but that is not because of the Koreans. That is due to your incompetence in learning the language. Last week I wrote a post about “Hard Times in Korea“.  I wrote about my frustration at the bus drivers telling me that the bus was not going to Munsan. Turned out that what they had been saying, “Nae, nae” actually means “Yes, yes!” and not “No, No” as I had presumed. So it was in fact, nobodys fault but my own for not knowing the language basics!!

Korea is cheap. Everything is about HALF the price of what it is at home. I got a taxi today which took about half an hour to get back to my motel and was happily surprised when the fare only came to about 13,000 won (8 euro!!) I can get a large pizza and bottle of coke for about 6000 won which is less than 5 euro. Bargain.

They give away phones for free. That’s right. F.RE.E. Totally FREE. Madness really, but because they are developing teachnology so fast, mobiles go out of style/fashion in a few months so they give last years season, which aren’t seen as ‘cool’ anymore away for free. You need an id card to buy one, so when mine arrives next week, a new mobile will be my first purchase. Can you call something thats free a purchase? Hmmm.

Korean kids are adorable. Did I mention before that I love teaching? Kids and teaching… my two biggest passions in life. Oh and travelling of course. So how lucky am I to be living in a country at the other side of the world, teaching cute Korean kids how to speak English. The school is also awesome. So modern and hightech…I’m able to show my kids youtube clips in class, which can be very entertaining. Yesterday I taught them the Macarena. HILARIOUS!

So if you are thinking of coming to Korea, don’t hink twice, buy that plane ticket and I will be waiting for you with a plate of spicy kimchi and a glass of soju. Happy days. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Always look on the bright side of life…

    1. Awww there is always a bright side, believe me. No matter how low you are feeling, just remember, things can only get better. 🙂

      1. There are a few lives that are different than any other in the world. Unfortunately, I’m living such a life that can’t be described in words (God needs to invent new words, maybe).

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