Ever played Subway Bingo?!

Subway Bingo, definitely my new favourite game.

Yesterday while in Seoul, I made a new friend, an American guy from San Francisco. While on the subway on our way to the Seoul Racecourse track, he produced two pieces of paper from his pocket and asked, “How do you feel about playing ‘Subway Bingo’? Of course , I said yes, without a second thought.

Each player gets a piece of paper with a grid on it similar to normal Bingo. Except instead of numbers, you must find certain unusual things on the subway from ‘A homeless person’ to ‘A woman in hookerish boots’. We had great fun spotting all the various people and compteting to see who could find the most to win the game. So next time you plan on spending quite some time on a train, makes some new friends and introduce them to the hilarious invention that is ‘Subway Bingo’!

Here is the full list of what we needed to spot;

A Homeless Person.

A fist fight

 Korean version of someone you know.

A woman with short skirt on the escalator

 Foreigner in a Korean style outfit.

A man in a pink shirt

 Someone eating on the Subway.

Another 'foreigner' in the train.

 A stranger who talks to you in English.

A passed out business man

 A woman speaking with a whiney intonation.

Someone sleeping on a strangers shoulder

 Ajosshi (old person) with alcohol breath.

Woman in 'Hooker heels'.

 A young person in Handicapped seats.

Loud student goup

 A bible thumper.

Man in shiney suit

 People drinking on the subway.

An animal on the subway

 A salesman or saleswoman

A goup of old people going hiking

 A person with an I-pad.

Angry girlfriend hitting boyfriend!

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