The Love Shack…Yeahhh!

Since arriving in Korea, the school put me in a local motel as my apartment was not ready to move it to (read:not finished being built yet!!). What I may have not previously mentioned is the motel is actually a Korean ‘love Motel’ aka a Love Shack! Love Motels, as they are known, are aimed at young Korean couples who need to get away from the prying eyes of their protective parents. Rooms are rented per night or…in 2 hour slots!

Love motels give guests an awful lot of things for such a small price; some rooms are themed with love hearts and mini jacuzzis, stripper poles and boxes of free movies,while the more basic (like mine) will still include a mini fridge with some beers, a water cooler, a HUGE Flatscreen TV, DVD player, a PC and ummm a wall sized mirror covering pretty much half the room!

When entering a love motel, that is if you get past the flashing neon signs and fake pot plants, u are gauranteed privacy and anonimity as the reception is hidden by this huge dark screen with just a tiny hole where you exchange money for a room key, only ever seeing the person hands throughout the transaction.

Considering I am the only person that seems to be staying longterm (this is my 12th night…probably some sort of record!) and the fact that I am alone in my room, I don’t care whatsoever about being anonymous. So…every day when I come into the motel I bend right down, stick my head through the tiny opening in the screen and say a big “An Nieun ah say yooooooo” (How are things?) to whoever is working, and they always return it with a giant smile probably thinking, “Crazy foreigner!”.

Tomorrow I move into my swanky new apartment (to be read: one roomed studio with tiny,winy kitchen unit..!) so tonight I bid farewell to my little love shack, it’s been fun. Sort of!

Have you ever stayed in a ‘Love Motel’? Would love to hear your stories!


5 thoughts on “The Love Shack…Yeahhh!

  1. Hey

    Heard all about those ‘places’, been to some, not so swanky, in Japan/Korea they are more romantic, in South America it’s more like places a place for married people to fuck a hooker, the girls hang close.

    I’m sure it’s the same there.


    How much do you charge anyways, per hour? 🙂

  2. Yeah they aren’t too bad here, not as seedy as they could be anyway, no girls hanging close as far as I can see! Just couples looking for privacy!! 🙂

  3. Hey Jan,

    That explains the lack of wardrobe then!!! Hilarious! 😀 Mum and Dad stayed in one of those places in Thailand – they realised what it was when they saw there were no blankets on the bed – very comfy bed but a bit of a noisy night I think lol! 😀

  4. Thats hilarious that your parents stayed in one…a real experience thats for sure! I stayed in one in Ethiopia too but it was more of a brother then a love motel..very disturbing!

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