Six degrees of Seperation!

I have always believed in the theory of six  degrees of seperation. That we are never more than 6 connections away from someone we know. In fact, in my experience in is never more than 2 or 3 connections, but maybe I just know a lot of people in a lot of places, who knows!! From Africa to Australia I seem to have met people that in some round about way, know people I know, have been to places I have been or are in fact from the place I’m from. The world gets smaller and smaller every day, in my eyes!

Today I got an email from a girl named Allie. She wrote,

“Dig waaay deep in your memory: March of 2008, when myself and my buddy Heidi ventured in Ireland and came across you and some of your CS friends.
Now currently (you don’t have to dig too deep ^^): I’m at my dorm in Gangneung, Korea, where I am teaching at a college for a semester then heading back to Seoul, and I stumbled across your name on a CS Events Feed. Random? Wacky? Spontaneous? You betcha!”

Love getting messages like this. And I do remember her (be it vaguely) too! I’m looking forward to catching up with her over drinks in Seoul!

Six Degrees of Seperation

A few days ago I was trying to organise a get together in Seoul through Couchsurfing, and a lovely American guy called X emailed me saying that He and his room mate would be heading out in Hongdae and that I should join them. Sadly the plans fell through and we never got to meet. Fast forward 3 days. I am emailing another American guy,Y, on OkCupid seeing if he fancied meeting up and exploring Seoul together. He notices on my profile that I’m a couchsurfer and tells me he too is a Cser and I should look him up. So I do and notice he’s friends with X…and you may have guessed it…X and Y are room-mates and have been friends for years!

There may be 40,000 million people in Korea but it’s still a tiny, tiny place! 😀

So, have you ever had a similar experience? Please share!


6 thoughts on “Six degrees of Seperation!

  1. First of all…the comic is AWESOME lol!
    Actually it’s funny how many people you meet in Korea that you have some connection too…it’s defintely small here. When I first came I was looking for a recruiter and stumbled across someone who’s mother used to be my French teacher in public school and who was also old friends with an ex of a brief relationship. Then, I also met someone who was also the child of a teacher I used to have in Highschool. I even know two people who were really old friends before university met back up here in Korea…KOREA IS CRAZY!

    1. Ha thats mad…small world indeed! I guess the foreigner community here in Korea is kinda small in we all move in the same circles.

  2. Something similar happened to me!! Two years ago I met a south african guy in a very off the beat place in Mexico. I got his Facebook just because, well, that’s the way you do it nowadays. The other day a message popped up in my news feed informing me that he had moved to just 30 minutes from where I live here in Switzerland!

    Also, I used to date this french guy when I was living in Spain. Then we split up because I had moved to Germany… and after a while, I started dating another french guy. Now, guess what? The first french apparently is dating the second frenchmans little sister. Now THATS too much, right? hehe

  3. Ha, I love hearing stories like that! Katerina I love the story of the french guys..seriously random haha!

    I lived in South Africa for a year when I was 18 volunteering in a school there with a scottish girl.

    Fast forward 5 years to a guy who had been at Uni in Edinburgh. He tolm me his 1st day in Uni he made lots of new friends including a Scottish girl called Charlotte. She was super excited to have an Irish friend, and the group always mocked him for being Irish saying “Ahh everyone is related in Ireland har har har” etc.

    A few weeks later Charlotte told him that she only knew one other Irish perosn, who was from cork, and had volunteered with her in Africa for a year. The guy asks what her name is on the offchance that he might know her. Charlotte says “Janet Newenham”…to which the guy replies.. “That’s my cousin!”. I guess he never lived that one down!

  4. I’ve been doing a lot of internet “research” (really I just can’t wait to go there myself so I’m having to settle for the next best thing) about Korea lately and in the process I found on 1 blog a picture of my friend randomly (she did not know the blogger). In another blog I discovered me & the blogger have a mutual friend. Maybe in those instances it’s not just that it’s a small world, but that the internet makes the world smaller!

    I’m really glad you made another post about the meet-up groups. I just got a teaching job in Paju as well starting in January and I know that will really help me out. If you want, I’d love to hang out sometime!

    1. Awww I’m glad you found it helpul. Yes, we will DEFFO have to meet when you get to Paju. Do you know which city you will be coming to? Paju is just one big area consisting of about 6-7 smaller cities. You will have a great time anyway! 🙂 x

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