Kickin’ it in Geumchon…

“I see white people, they walk around like everyone else…they don’t even thought that they’re white!!”

On thursday I met up with 2 other couchsurfers and English teachers in Geumchon for dinner. I thought it was just going to be the 3 of us, so you can imagine my surprise when I walked into this cute little Vietnamese Restaurant to see….25 white/foreign people!! It’s funny, but after just meeting Korean people and people who just speak Korean for nearly 2 weeks it was  awesome to be able to have a proper conversation with someone who speaks fluent English! The group are all teaching English in and around Paju and meet up every Wednesday night for dinner. They even have a facebook group called the ‘Geumchon Massive’, so you can check out what sort of fun things they have planned!!

I made friends with 4 girls who live in my city and 2 others who like 2 stops away on the train. I arranged to meet up with Jo, a Canadian Cser and fellow English teacher, on Friday night so we could go partying in Hongdae together with a froup of Seoul CSers. It turned out to be a total disaster though as neither of us had phones or internet acces to contact eachother so wires were crossed and we never met in the end, which involved me travelling all the way to Seoul by myself  and getting lost again! I still had fun though and met a group of 9 CSers and got to experience Seoul nightlife at its best which is nothing short of MAD.

In Korea you cannot buy a phone without your ‘Alien Registration card’ . First you must get a full medical examination, then they will take your passport for a week or so (which is very frustrating!) and will finally process the ID card within 10 days.  Once you have your ARC you can then purchase a mobile phone. I must say it’s weird being referred to as an Alien or a foreigner all the time, but something I guess I’ll have to get used to!!

In Seoul it appears that the bars and trains seem to have some sort of partnership. All public transport out of Seoul stops at midnight. Which is when most people are out in the bars in the trendy area of Hongdae drinking their weekly pay cheque away. The bars start to close up around 6-7am which, conveniently enough, is just when the trains start running again! So if you want to party in Seoul, you must either cut your night short like Cinderella and be home at midnight or be in it for the long run and party ALL NIGHT LONG.

I came across this video on YouTube. It was made my 3 English Teachers living in Geumchon and is preeeeety hilarious!


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