Koreans must sweat the sweet scent of roses!

“Seriously, does anyone know if Koreans sweat?” This was a question going through my head all day yesterday after seeing the EXTORTIANATE price of deodrant in the local supermarket.

I was walking down the beauty aisle looking for some essentials such as shampoo and deodrant and nearly had heart failure. I’m not exaggerating, I swear! One average can of deodrant , regardless of brand, will set you back around 13,000 won!! That’s like 10 euro! That’s like a half hour taxi ride in Korea. That’s like a large pizza, bottle of coke AND 5 chicken nuggets. That’s damn right outrageous!!

How can a country that gives phones away for free (!!!), sells drinks in bars for what must be cost price or below (!!!), and sells delicious pre-packed lunches for less than a euro charge SO much for deodrant?! Add the fact that they live in a tropical climate where the temperature never drops below about 25’c in Summer and humidity is at a constant 90%! Korea has a population of 40 million…surely SOME of these millions must sweat and thus have the need to buy reasonably priced deodrant!!

The sweet smell of sweat...I mean roses!!

I guess the answer must be that Koreans don’t sweat! And if this is so, I would love to know why not? Is it their genes…maybe because they are so petite and skinny that they simply don’t sweat? Maybe they do sweat but it smells like roses and other lovely, feminine poitive scents! Is it their diet? If so what do I need to eat to stop sweating? Cause I could save a fortune if I didn’t have to buy deodrant ever again. Especially in Korea where it costs about a months wages!!

Anyone any experience with this?


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