Marathon for Peace

So on my way home yesterday I read about the ‘4th Annual Gyeonngi Peace Marathon’. It is happening this Sunday in Paju and involves a course that goes right up to the DMZ, the border with North Korea. As the name suggests, it’s a marathon to promote peace and is sponsored by UNICEF.

The question on my mind is…”Could I run a marathon?!” To be realistic and honest I’m not talking about doing the full marathon. Jeez I’m not THAT crazy. But there is an option to do half the course, or even better just 6km!! I mean anyone can do 6km, right?!

The only problem is the weather here at the mo. It’s either 30’c and 100% humidity or it is pretty much a non stop thunder and lightning show with a mini hurricane/typhoon thrown in for good measure!! Not exactly IDEAL marathon running weather. Not that I would be actually running anywhere, more of a leisurely jog pheraps!

I recently saw my friend Joy’s facebook status read “Do something that scares you every day”. I think running a marathon on the South/North Korean border fits right into that category, don’t you??


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