Casino Jack and the United States of Money

Today I opted out of running a 34km marathon (no surpriese there!) and instead decided to attend the 2nd annual DMZ Documentary Film Festival which was much more my cup of tea. The festival screens a lot of films with a theme of peace and others concentrating on the quest for justice.

Although not attended by huge audiences, (in fact my 2 teacher friends and I were the only foreigners in this particular screening!), It can’t be from lack of trying. They provided a free shuttle daily from Geumchon station to Paju book city, had guides in both Korean and English and seemed to be well organized.

On arrival we decided to watch ‘Casino Jack and the United States of Money’. A documentary about super (ahem corrupt) lobbyist Jack Abarmoff. It is a two hour long tale of international intrigue with Indian casinos, Russian spies, Chinese sweat shops (based in the commonwealth of the Mariana Islands) and a mob style killing in Miami. The Documentary is an excellent portrayal of how money really does make the world go around and how money seriously corrupts politics.

Jack Abramoff testifying at his trial, where he was sentenced to 4 years in Prison for corruption.

 I couldn’t believe the HUGE sums of money this man was being paid, how such key politicians were being bribed with all inclusive Golf trips to Scotland in private jets, and millions of dollars in campaign money. In fact the amounts of money were what shocked me the most. We’re talking HUNDREDS of millions of dollars. Truely insane. Despite my ignorance of American politics and the key players in this expose, I found it to be both entertaining and intriguing and would highly reccomend it, whether you follow American politics or not.


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