Crouching Toilet, Hidden Paper.

Ahhh squat toilets.  Like Marmite, you either love ’em or hate them. Or, more realistically, you just plain despise them and have no idea why any school, bar or other public place would opt for a smelly, uncomfortable squat toilet over one you can actually sit down on! They usually are preeeeety smelly, have no toilet paper and what I find funny (but pherhaps more hygienic) id that you flush using your foot. Great if you’re wearing trainers, disgusting if you have flipflops.

In Korea, It’s hit and miss with finding a nice, clean toilet. You find them in the most bizarre places. Take Geumchon station for example. They have a choice of toilets from ‘mini’ kids toilets to squat toilets to proper ‘western toilets’. Then head to a popular bar and all though the restrooms themselves may not be all that clean, the toiletrs are super fancy with an assortment of buttons which make the toilet double as a bidet amougst other things!!Then take your average public school, where they have state of the art touch screen smart boards in class, an endless supply of laptops for all rooms and tecahers yet have opted for the option of icky squat toilets.

Why oh why do they do this? Is it part of their culture? Surely not. Maybe it’s just what they are used to. But for a nation which is one of the most technologically developed in the world I really don’t understand how they still have these old toilets!?!

Pedestal Squat Toilet

It reminds me of a sign I saw in a bar in Kenya which had westernised toilets. It read;

 “If you must stand on the loo when you pee and poo, please lift the seat before you place your feet!”


8 thoughts on “Crouching Toilet, Hidden Paper.

  1. Squat toilets are generally considered more hygienic, as no part of your body actually touches anything. When you start to think about how many dirty butts have touched Western toilets before you, you might start to appreciate the squatters more 🙂

  2. Yeah you’re probably right!! It’s just the ones I have experienced so far involve a soaking wet floor, a bad smell and who knows what else…which doesn’t feel all that hygienic to me. lol

  3. In the toilets of the Preston Markets, Melbourne. They have a sign, no standing on the toilets.

    They are more hygenic, as someone else said. You need to stop thinking like a white Irish woman!!

    Do women there have the vote? 🙂


  4. Haha. Well, I live in Thailand so I am quite familiar with the squatter. At least here, they usually install a hose with dish-washing sprayer nozzle to wash your backside.

    I found the toilets in Netherlands to be equally (or perhaps more) strange. Western style, of course, but in the bowl section instead of a gentle swoop down into the drain, there is what I could only term a “serving platter”. Perhaps its purpose is to allow a person to self-inspect one’s digestive health before flushing?

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