In a dark, dimly lit room…

…is where I write deepest, darkest secrets. A room full of cries, of pain, screams and flashing, and off putting ultra violet lights.

Ahhh the delights of a Korean Internet Cafe!!!

You may read my blog and think, “Geez this girl is over in Korea teaching English yet her blog has endless typos and spelling mistakes. PLUS she ‘supposedly’ has a degree in Journalism. What’s the story?!

Here is the story… I write my blog posts circa 2am each night in a local PC Bang. As my apartment block is brand new I do not have internet yet…add that to the fact that my precious laptop was robbed last year, I really don’t have much choice.

PC Bang, Korea

A Korean PC bang is primarily designed for playing computer games and not for writing blog posts. They are very dimly lit, dark places with the occasional flashing neon or ultra violet lights and very loud machine gun and ‘dying predators’ sound effects. Not exactly the best place to gather my thoughts and write an informed blog post but alas I have little choice at present! So bear with me people.

I do promise to try my best to read over posts before posting in future…but in a room where I can’t see the keyboard and the lights give me migraines in can be fustrating!


4 thoughts on “In a dark, dimly lit room…

  1. I’m a Korean.
    You are right,
    Korean PC bangs have not enough light.

    I hate PC bang’s
    cigarette smoke.
    I’m a non-smoker.
    So I sit in nonsmoking section.
    But, It is not absolute safe.
    Smoking section’s cigarette odor climbed over the wall and reach Non-smoking section.
    So, Sometimes that smell make my headaches.
    I think it is Not a good place for non-smoker.

  2. Last year I didn’t have a computer so I would always be in the PC Bang. I found one PC bang that had an efficient system to seperate the smoking area from the Non-smoking. PLUS it was cheaper than most PC bangs at only 500won/hr. Unfortunately it shut down when the Recession really started to hit Korea.

    One of my fondest memories is seeing an old korean woman sit next to me and proceed to chain smoke an entire pack of cigarettes in one hour.

  3. Ugh I hate when they smoke. Its so bad for the kids. My students always tell me how they hate all the soldiers in the PC bangs smoking right next to them. Awful

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