Breakfast of Champions!

On saturday morning, my friend and I decided to go for breakfast in Hongdae. Let’s not lie…I was seriously hungover along with every one else wandering around the streets of Korea’s number 1 party stop (read as Korean equivalent of Dublin’s Temple bar…but much, much crazier).

In Korea, it can be quite difficult to fins what you are looking for. When you wnat a drink and head to a bar, you are greeted with table service and most definetely expected to order food. When you end up in a restarant (well at least what I would consider a restaurant) you will often be expected to but drink along with your food. Well at least that’s what everyone around you is doing. Bottles of Soju need to be drank!

After an amazing night of Karaoke in a luxury Noraebong, drinks in a not-so-aptly named Hoe-Bar, and dancing on furniture with American Army soldiers at 3am (all of which is beautifuly illustrated in my friend Brooke ‘s blog post here) all I wanted to eat was some toast or maybe even a delicious full Irish breakfast.

Sadly what greeted me, as I ordered something random from the all-korean menu, was …a dead fish. That’s right,not some sort of fish dish in a sauce, or tuna on toast…but a WHOLE,dead fish with eyes and tail intact. As in all Korean restaurants, despite what you order, they will bring you endless side dishes which you most certainly did not order. In this case I was given two types of fermented cabbage laced in hot chilli paste (called Kimchi), some sort of other cabbage dish and a soup that smelled like something had died in it (the fish pheraps?!).

Breakfast of Champions!

Moments like this you can do nothing but laugh, and dream of some sizzling sausages, scambled egg and crispy bacon cooking at home in Cork, that better be waiting for me when I get home in 11 months!


4 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions!

  1. Kelly….I don’t think they even know what a vegetarian is. Dead serious…its all about the meat over here, pretty crazy actually!

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