Imagine You’re a Turkey…

…and thanksgiving is coming soon. Now, you really don’t want to be chosen for the dinner table. Write a speech explaining why your partner is a better choice to be eaten instead of you.

This is the somewhat bizarre task I gave my Grade 4 students on Monday. As Korean Thanksgiving was approaching I thought it was both topical and entertaining. It turned out to be one of the funniest lessons I have taught so far in Korea, so I have decided to share what some of my students wrote in their speeches!

“Hey, YOU! Don’t eat me! Eat Bryan instead, because Bryan is fat and delicious. And if you eat me, I exchange to be the mummy and I KILL YOU! Or I control you to eat poison mushroom or crazy grass. Ha! and you change to ultra giant DX pig! Or you could eat Ann…she is long and delicious. Or go to America…lots of Turkeys there!”

“Please don’t eat me, I don’t taste good! Eat Ann she is very, very, very delicious…like a cow..she eats lots and lots of rice so would taste good!”

“Please don’t eat me. I am young and  like my family and have future. I don’t want to die. Eat Bryan cause he is big and fat and delicious and has lots of delicious friends you could eat too and he is MAN. Or eat Janet teacher cause she is tall and has long legs you could eat. i’m fast, you won’t get me.”

I couldn’t stop laughing when they read these out, students are so entertaining! I Love teaching!

Thanksgiving Turkey

10 thoughts on “Imagine You’re a Turkey…

  1. Wow Janet! You are really creative! What a great idea and it seems the kids were really able to take off with the idea. Good job. Loved reading these stories hehe.

  2. There is actually a childrens book that we (I guess ‘we’ here means ‘teachers’ 🙂 ) read around Thanksgiving that is about a little turkey not wanting to get eaten so he makes up excuses and I can’t remember the title! Ugh! Anyway, we (there’s that word again!) always got the kids to create stories for why they shouldn’t get eaten. I have to admit that I’ve never had a kid respond with ‘poison mushrooms’ before! haha Korean kids are so imaginative! 😀

    1. Thanks for the comment! I agree Korean kids have great imaginations- must be from all the crazy video games they play. I gave similar task to students I taught in South Africa and it was, sadly, a lot less amusing!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! I would highly reccomend it to you teachers (Brooke and Josh!).

    Kel, you’re right, kids are so funny!! 🙂

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