Frustration Station

Gah. Korea really drives me crazy sometimes. It’s not that there is in fact anything wrong with Korea, I just get frustrated that Korea isn’t more like home. Which is stupid, I know. But when you are tired and hungry and are walking around the supermarket for what feels like hours and can’t find ONE SINGLE THING you are looking for, I want to scream.

I had a long day, I had no lunch due to a bit of a mix up at school and was looking forward to cooking up a mean chicken stir fry for dinner. I’m sick of eating out. Especially when Korean restaurants must be the most homogenous in the world…you will be served the EXACT same thing in every single place. Oh, sorry you want choice? Well piss off to another country loser.

So anyway I want to cook. I go to HomePlus to buy all the ingredients. They have no chicken. NO CHICKEN. WTF?! Koreans love chicken. Homeplus is the biggest supermarket in Munsan, where is the freakin chicken?! I look for rice. Koreans LOVE rice. Rice is normally everywhere. But can I find rice here? No, no I cannot find any rice anywhere. Gah.

So I somehow end up spending 30,000 won on crap, none of which I can actually cook for dinner, and leave feeling drained, snapping at my boss saying that “half an hour shopping in HomePlus is more stressful that 8 hours teaching!”, and continue to tell him my woes about not finding what I wanted. He just laughs and says “Bastards” which makes me laugh. He is my boss afterall! Ahhh Korea.


2 thoughts on “Frustration Station

  1. Your dreaming girl

    Everyday until i was about 13 we got served boiled potatoes, i didn’t know there was any other kind of food in the world.

    Now, i cook 2 minute noodles, with 2 eggs thrown in, chilli and what ever happens to be around, it’s done in 5 minutes, it’s cheap too, and then you can watch tV or do what ever is on the agenda.

    Keep it quick and easy and, oh yeah. Eat lunch, which is what i’m going to do in 17 minutes.


    1. But I don’t HAVE a TV yet.
      Or internet.
      Or a book.
      Or anything! lol
      I NEED to waste as much time as possible cooking and eating!!


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