Monkey Beach Bar

Ended up at a club called Monkey Beach on Saturday night. It is a thai style bar in Seoul complete with a funky feel, cool people, cheap buckets of alcohol, glow sticks and the opportunity to dance the night away on tables and podiums. An awesome night indeed.

"Put your hands up, PUT YOUR HANDS UP...!"
Crazy strobe lights
Mmmm drinks.
Awesome neon glasses, courtesy of the barman!
"Let's dance...!"
Free Neon Glow Sticks
Mmmm cocktails
Crazy Lights, Crazy People, Crazy place

One thought on “Monkey Beach Bar

  1. Being a disabled American vet (captain w/3 tours of AfPak duty) of mixed Asian descent, I was refused entrance on the basis that I was 35 yrs “too old” even though my similarly aged white friends were waved in without even having to show the bouncers their IDs! While the club was indeed well decked out and packed, it exuded a superficial ignorant facade ubiquitous in Korean society–if you’d lived here long enough you know that I am talking about: the incessant obsession with exterior ie. whiteness (cosmetic surgeries for both sexes), ironically lack of good hygiene, and brazen discrimination of dark-skinned ppl-Africans, Latinos and other Asians. Yes, the club had all the bells and whistles as described, but there are tons of the same nearby and especially at Hangdae–the center of Seoul’s entertainment. If I, an avid club-goer from NYC, Miami, London, Tokyo–can appeal to your common sense of decency and humanity, I would say skip this monkey dance and go to another nearby joint.

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