An Eye on our Northern Neighbours

Activists wearing masks depicting North Korean leader Kim Jong-il (L) and the person believed to be his son Kim Jong-un (Image Reuters)

 Things were heating up my side of the world this week as Kim Jong Un, the son of North Korea iron leader Kim Jong-il, was thrust into the centre of power by being named vice chairman of the ruling Workers’ Party’s Central Military Commission, a position setting him up as successor, and what appears to be the first stage of dynastic succession in the secretive nation that is North Korea. 

According to Reuters, “The biggest fear is that the country could collapse, triggering a flood of refugees or even fighting on the divided peninsula. That could hit hard the economies of neighboring South Korea, China and Japan which together account for about 20 percent of global economic output.”

The  27 or 28  year old furure succesor of one of the world’s most isolated countries was actually educated abroad im an elite school in Bern, Switzerland and is the youngest of three brothers.  The Worker’s party also made the leader’s sister and her husband members of the political bureau, elevating long-time loyal family aides to its supreme leadership body. The meeting was the biggest of it’s kind held in North Korea for over 30 years.


2 thoughts on “An Eye on our Northern Neighbours

  1. A guy that was his best friend in Skool said he was a nice guy, very competitive in basketball, he also said that he could of changed over time, but when he was 16 he was nice. 🙂

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