Global Gathering 2010 Korea.

I had heard of Global Gathering before. Its that huge one day festival in the UK  I have heard rave reviews about. But a Global Gathering equivalent in Korea? No that is something I did not expect to come across. But luckily I did…and Guess what? I got tickets! Boo yeah!

The line up is pretty awesome with head liners including Fat Boy Slim, Justice Dj set, and Dj Armen Van Buuren; one of the top 100 Djs in the world. Ok let’s be truthful apart from one song by Fat Boy Slim (maybe 2…) I had not heard of the the other 2 until today. I am also not a big fan, usaully, of techno/trance/dance music. But a festival is a festival right?! And there is no way I’m passing up the opportunity to go to a festival in Korea while the weather is still half bearable!

The last music festival I was at was…at Slane Castle when I was 17. That was 7 years ago. My God that was a long time ago. I went to se Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers (who I had no clue of until a week before the concert and attempted to learn all their songs..I’m now a HUGE fan) and Nickelback I think. It was totally awesome…drinking warm beer, sitting on inflatable chairs and eating over priced, stale hot dogs. It actually was class…despite the 10 hour bus ride by to Cork.

I usually spend every last penny I have buying flights to random, faraway lands, but hey, as I’m already in a random faraway land and actually earning decent money this is my chance to make up for lost time!! I have 12 months in Korea to attend as many concerts as possible and don’t really care who is performing, I’m no music snob, I’m sure I will love them all!


6 thoughts on “Global Gathering 2010 Korea.

  1. It was Queens of the Stone Age not Nickelback – though I slept through all of their gig, remember I had that bloody awful food poisoning the night before!! :S That weekend was such a laugh!

  2. Oh was it? Whoops my bad! Must have been Nickelback the year before with Stereophonics!!

    Still have great memories of that weekend! Have you been to a festival since Clare??!

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