Zombie Zombie Zombie…!

So for the first time in their lives thus far (according to my students anyway!) they  were given the task of writing a story/essay in…English. Shock shock horror. Despite moans and groans about how ‘it was soooo unfair’ and ‘Oh mi gaaaad’ they finally settled down and started scribbling their ideas.

I had just taught a lesson on ‘Murphy’s Law; ‘How anything that can go wrong…will go wrong!‘ and told them to make up a story about a vacation where absolutely everything goes terribly wrong. They understood the concept pretty well, and I was so impressed with their final stories that I’m going to share some with you. I get the feeling they may be playing wayyyy too many violent computer games!

Kim. Aged 12.

“Once upon a time I went to Beijing, China. It was Christmas eve and I went there with my friend Jumbo. Suddenly, Zombies appeared. Jumbo and I ranaway to the Great Wall. But 1 billion zombies followed us. We were very, very scared. I prayed to Santa, “Please, please help us!”. Then suddenly Santa appeared and gave present box to us all.

The present was many weapons to kill Zombies. Then we fight with zombies. Jumbo was shooting a machine gub and I had a bazooka gun. Many Zombies were killed, but lots were still alive. Jumbo called to the President of the U.S.A and said “Please attack the Chinese Zombies with an atomic bomb!”. You see, Jumbo’s fathers friend’s friend’s cousin’s friend’s mom’s uncle’s girlfriend’s father is the president of the U.S.A!!

Then a fighter intercepter appeared and attackeed chinese Zombies with an atomic bomb. The 1 Billion Chinese zombies died along with me and Jumbo.”

Sophie and I as Zombies...

4 thoughts on “Zombie Zombie Zombie…!

  1. Best part: “Jumbo’s fathers friend’s friend’s cousin’s friend’s mom’s uncle’s girlfriend’s father…” The way kids minds work crack me up!

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