The Scariest Place on Earth

So don’t ask me how or why exactly, but on Friday the other Munsan teachers and I ended up in a place Bill Clinton famously called, ” The scariest place on Earth.” Anyone who knows me and knows my keen thirst for adventure will know I do not turn down offers to go to crazy places, in fact I LOOK for them.

We had befriended some US military soldiers who happened to live in the JSA (Joint Security Area) situated about 15 minutes north of Munsan. The JSA is the only area in the country controlled by both North and South Korea. It is known to be one of the most isolated places on the planet, with stories of shootings and kidknappings rife. One of my friends said that she heard a story recently of someones grandmother who had been kidknapped for 5 days ‘just for fun’. This is no place to mess around in.

JSA Gaurd

So off we wnt on our little adventure to what was once one of the most terrifying war zones on earth and a place still covered in secrecy and armed forces. The journey there was weird enough. We first had to cross the ‘Bridge of No Return’, a bridge lined with explosives so if any attacks or intrusions were to take place, the military could delay their progress by blowing up the only entrance into South Korea. We had to pass many checkpoints and often show our I.d cards.

DMZ Checkpoint, South Korea

We were given a mini tour of the army base, were bought a free breakfast and as the tour buses passed by (with each passenger paying 150 bucks each!) they waved at us as if we were animals in a Zoo or was very bizarre and we felt very out of place. We were been watched at all times, and weren’t allowed to take any pictures (All image here are stolen from Google!!). It is a weird place, surrounded by mountains and green fields, and one of the first places I have witnessed birdsong and wildlife amoungst the army bunkers and look-out points.

The DMZ, South Korea/North Korea

On exiting one building we heard gun shots and looked at eachother with frightened glances. Thank-fully we were told it was just the shooting range/practice range, but it was still somewhat scary. The guys flicked laminated pieces of paper at us, their “licences to kill’. These were no joke, they were real life licences to kill. They also showed us their guns, unloaded of course. A serious reminder of where we were.

We got to observe the army first hand, the rank system, how ‘higher ranks’ could smoke the junior privates and how their was a huge amount of respect to be found. It was quite a culture shock to us carefree teachers I must say and I was happy to head back to Munsan and my life as a teacher!

Soldiers still patrol the border at the DMZ

3 thoughts on “The Scariest Place on Earth

  1. Wow! Such an unusual experience – I’d love to see what it’s like! I was talking to a man who’d taken a tour of N. Korea a few years ago and he was one of the only foreigners allowed in. His tales are bizarre to say the least!

  2. Yeah I would say so. I would love to do a tour of North Korea some day but its so expensive and you only get shown the places ‘they’ want you to see. Would be fascinating though!

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