Korean Love Couples

Koreans LOVE to match. Fact. They have matching t-shirts, matching sweaters…even matching pants. (and I mean BOTH types of pants). Last week i saw a couple with matching shoes. Matching UGLY shoes. It’s just so…wrong. What makes it even worse are the ‘Bad English’ Slogans which, no matter how vulgar, Koreans have no idea what they say. A picture tells 1000 words so here are LOTS of words..and pictures for your enjoyment!

Not a love couple but a FREAKING SUICIDAL t-shirt to wear!

15 thoughts on “Korean Love Couples

  1. Was at a festival in Seoul yesterday and they were EVERYWHERE. We had a competition to see who could get the most photos…ah ya gotta love them I guess!

      1. There is a french brand called Le Coq Sportif which is popular in Korea. But it’s Coq with a Q, not a CK. From seeing some of the Konglish on clothing, I don’t think its everyone else that’s confused. Another of my favorites recently, “Pee all that you can Pee”

      2. I know, I really want to buy some funny Konglish t-shirts before I go home..although prob won’t be as funny wearing them around Ireland as it is here!

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