Long Lasting Locks of Love

One of my first days in Korea I visited Namsan mountain and N-Tower and came across this huge collection of multi-coloured padlocks attached to every visiible bit of fence. Over the years these ‘Locks of love’ left to express peoples long lasting love for eachother have built up to an enormous collection, what you could even call an ‘Exibition of Modern Art’.

The locks all have beautiful messages written on them to friends, family and loved ones such as “Love you Always”, “Can’t stop this feeling” and “I will always be yours” written in various languages. It a pretty cool idea and something I would definetly reccomend you check out when in Seoul and maybe even add your own ‘Lock of Love’.


4 thoughts on “Long Lasting Locks of Love

  1. They do a similar thing in Naples, Italy (other parts of Italy, too, I think). It was based on a movie, I hear. I’ll have to ask my husband if he remembers the title. The collections are not nearly as numerous or colorful as what you’ve shown here, though! 🙂

  2. Cool! Yea I heard they did this in other countries too but would love to know how it all started. I could easily spend hours up there reading all the messages, such a cute idea! I guess its sort of live that ‘Letters to Juliet’ thing in Italy…but with locks instead!

  3. I visited Namsan Tower 10 years ago.
    There was no one at that time.

    But, ironically Namsan Tower became famous as padlock of love now.

    Anyway, these are nice.
    If I have girlfriend, I wanna go here.

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