Experience Rural Korea…

The Korean Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MIFAFF) has launched a project called “The Rural-20 Project”  to introduce people to the scenic beauty and unique culture of Korea’s countryside. Twenty rural sites across the nation have been carefully selected as prime destinations and categorized into four themes (Experience, Nature, Orient, and Well-being), letting visitors easily pick locations suited to their individual interests. Tours are further divided into one-day or two-day programs, with an easy-to-use map showing site locations and types.

The program loojs like an awesome way to spend a few weekends here in Korea and the added bonus is that it is totally free for foreigners. However, There are only a limited amount of space on each trip and many are fully booked already. You can pick and reserve your trip here, at the Rural 20 website, which is in English, Korean, Japanese AND Chinese!!

Uiyaji Wind Village

I’m hoping to go on a 2 day trip to the Uiyagi Wind Village. This is what the site days about it;

“At the entrance of the village, the first thing greets you is the fresh wind blowing from Daegwallyeong (Daegwall-ridge). This is why the village is called ‘the Wind Village’. You can feel the sun rising over the hill filled with dewy smells where a flock of sheep are gambolling. Come to the place where bleating sheep and sound of winds idly pass by you.”

Sounds like a field full of sheep in the west of Ireland, but in my experience it is always the random middle of nowhere trips that are the best experiences and produce the funniest stories! We also get to make cheese and organix strawberry jam, ride quad bikes around a farm and see some of Korea’s most beautiful temples. Sounds good to me!

Quad biking around the bumpy countyside


Also, they are holding a competition, with 1st prize 3,000,000 won (about 2000 Eur0!) , for people who make videos and take photos of their experiences with rural Korea and promote them to the world. A great chance for bloggers, photographers etc to make a bitta money!


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