That is what I learned in my Korean class today. That, and about 20 other random words! It is actually proving very helpful as I can now give directions when I’m in a taxi, ask where the essentials are in the supermarket and ask for directions to major buildings such as the bank or post office!

On Friday my task was to order lunch (Dominos pizza!!) for all the staff over the phone…in Korean. Gah. It was all going so well with me repeating my order and saying my long, complicated, Korean address…etc until the guy started going off on a tangent and I couldn’t understand a word he said. My boss had to grab the phone to clarify that I was a silly ‘waygukin’ (foreigner!) and that he needed to speak slowly! It was very embarassing, but all was successful as our delicious large, Pepperoni Pizza arrived 20 minutes later. SUCCESS!!

So if you need some help with your Korean, I can teach you how to say random things like ‘Kudu’ meaning smart shoes, ‘sueback’ meaning ‘Watermelon’, ‘macha meaning carriage, ‘bazi’ meaning pants and ‘navi’ which I think is a beautiful word meaning ‘butterfly’. Of course this is not how you write any of these words as the Korean alphabet is totally different and while I can read and write it I am yet to master typing it on the keyboard. Give me time, give me time!! Now I’m off to the supermarket to practive my korean… “SueBack awdiae issayo??” (Where are the watermelons please?!)

Mmmm Watermelon

4 thoughts on “WHERE IS MY WATERMELON?!

  1. That is so cool you are learning a foreign language. I tried to learn Spanish, but its all a matter of motivation. If you are actually in the country and need to speak it to get by, that motivation is probably a whole lot stronger.

    Good work anyway! Looks like you are learning fast

    1. Thanks! Yea it is pretty cool. My main motivation is so that I can read the signs everywhere and stop getting lost…and so that I can understand what my students are saying in class haha.

      1. Ha, It’s so funny how we can differ the Romanization of a word. For instance, where is the watermelon for me would be spelled subak odie wasseyo. Also you are awesome. That is all.

      2. Hee Hee I know…it’s definetely a personal thing. My teacher writes the words a totally different way to me too…as long as I pronounce it right in the end I don’t care how I write it! Gonna check out your blog now! 🙂

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