Ideas Ideas Ideas…

I am the Queen of dressing up. I absolutely love it. It’s in my blood. My parents, too, are awesome when it comes to ideas for fancy dress parties and my grandparents, back in the day, won numerous ‘best dressed’ prizes at themed parties.
In fact they were still making a huge effort well into their 70’s, dressing as punks with full on chains, mohawk wigs, fake lip rings and crazy leather pants. They were awesome and I am following in their footsteps, or so I like to think.

Every halloween in college I would plan my oufit out for weeks, dying or sewing fabric, practicing how I would do my hair or how I would paint my face or body. In fact I never felt it necessary to wait until halloween to dress up, I used to do it at every opportunity possible, be it a ‘worst dressed’ party ran by the DCU Style Soc, The summer ball, a drag ball, Slappers and Rappers event, Christmas party, toga party…whatever it was you would find me in some crazy outfit, often the ONLY one in fancy dress. Not that it ever bothered me.

This Halloween I am going to be in Korea and cannot seem to find any of the resources I am looking for to find the perfect outfit. The school is having a halloween party on Saturday for all the students and we must dress up. I wnat to but alas I have no idea what to wear or wear to find a costume  here in Korea. I am feeling sad. I want face paint, and masks and crazy accessories yet fear I will find nothing. If anyone has any awesome ideas please comment let me know.

For the moment here are some of my past outfits, so you can get an idea of how much I love fancy dress occasions! Enjoy!

I love clowns!
Sexy Santa's (Kelly and I)
'Pool Party' in college!! Can you believe SHE won worst dressed and not ME?!
Me as a Mermaid at the Aqua Ball


Cork Decades Festival
Clowning around Dublin!
Dresses as a Zombie Doctor (halloween 2009)
My Paddys day ensemble!Cowboys and indians Party
Vengaboys Concert!
Hot Pirates!
Amigos; Me and CHESNEY HAWKES!!
Dressing as Zombies on Valentines Day!
Neon Party!

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