A friend of mine just alerted me to a great website, Rocketship.com, full of hilarious cartoons based around a foreigner living in Korea. They are so easy to relate to for all us English teachers and seriously funny too! My faves are the ones featuring the ajammas (married women over 35!) and the ‘trying to understand Korean’ ones. Here are the best of the best, in my opinion of course!! 🙂



  1. I discovered Rocketship about a week ago. I love it! Even though I can’t draw, it makes me want to make comics of the funny things that happen to me. It’s unfortunate that the creator is leaving, someone will have to take his place.

    1. It’s awesome isn’t it? Yea just saw that the guy is leaving…very sad. Hope someone else takes up where he left off..the cartoons are UNREAL!

      1. I bought a Pinnochio shirt because I’m so used to hearing that comment ALL over Asia.

        The one that will be really funny to you in a few months time is the one about seeing other foreigners and not knowing if you should say hello. Also..the one where the lady is just staring you down as you sit on a bench next to them.

  2. Haha brave move. I don’t want to encourage them even more!!

    I encountered the foreigner one already with a fellow teacher in Munsan. We just kinda walked past eachother avoiding eye contact but kinda arkward. The a week later I met her at a social and now we’re best buddies and laugh at how neither of us had the guts to say Hi to the other on the street. haha

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