The best things in life are free…NOT!

So last Friday I came across a facebook group advertising free tickets to the Korean Formula 1 races. I was skeptical at first, because I knew the tickets were selling for 150,000 won or more, so why on earth would they give them out free to the public. The facebook event organiser, Chad Raquel, informed us it was for foreigners only and it was a scheme run by the government promoting the Korean F1 and showcasing the country as a foreigner friendly place to be.

I clicked attend, not willing to let such an opportunity pass. Despite my skepticism I also remembered that the Government were currently running a series of free weekend trip to seaside towns and villages to promote tourism in Rural Korea(Rural20), so why not promote the F1 by giving out a few 100 tickets to foreigners. However it was puzzling that the whole process was via facebook and not some official website.

A few friends of mine decided to fork out 50,000 for the return bus to the racetracj in Mokpo, 4 hours south of Seoul, which departs Sunday morning at 6.30am. So you must sacrifice your Saturday night out, pay 40 bucks for a bus in the *hope* that it’s not some scam where 600 stupid foreigners stand waiting in Parking lot 7 for tickets which will never magiacally appear.

So I just clicked onto the facebook group to confirm it was all going ahead before I finally paid my deposit for the bus to discover the whole thing has been cancelled. No email went out to alert people who may have already started the trip there, such as people from Jeju or Munsan or other such places. They simply placed a note on the event saying they apologize but the free tickets have been cancelled blah blah blah with no reason why!


So instead of making themselves look good they are going to cause an uproar, especially if 600 angry people are left standing in some random carpark Sunday afternoon. Stupid  lies. Gah.


2 thoughts on “The best things in life are free…NOT!

  1. Hahaha I knew that was gonna happen. I wonder how many people will actually show up and demand to be let in? haha It’ll create a news story of it’s own. I wouldn’t call this so much of a scam but rather a prank on gullible people. I mean…600 people showing up to an event that they aren’t invited too because they thought they could get in for free to the FIRST F1 race…hehe

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