Hello Kitty, Hello Kitties, Hello Robot

I have a sudden urge to visit three very unique cafes in Seoul, and hope to visit at least one of them this weekend. The first is the Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae, probably the most popular Japanese export to become popular in Korea and the world over. The cafe is decorated in everything ‘Kitty’ from the glasses, doors and shopfront to the kitchen and the toilet. Hours of fun no doubt and super cute.


Secondly I want to visit the Cat Cafe, also in Hongdae (although to my knowledge there are several scattered around the city) where you pay 8,000 won for a drink and can spend as long as you like playing with all the cute little  fuzz balls, that are allowed to roam the cafe freely, perching themselves on counters, lazing under tables and anywhere else they wish to curl up.

Lastly, I want to visit Robo Cafe, where it apeears ‘robot waiters’ make running a retaurant a one man operation! The Robocafe concept involves a cute little robot that fulfills the role of a waiter – it takes orders from customers, either verbally or through a touch screen, then relays them to the kitchen, and brings the food out when it’s ready. The building is designed with small horizontal pathways leading from the kitchen to all the tables so the small team of waiter robots can then get around to every table in the house when they’re summoned by customers. You lose the personal touch, but i think it would be an awesome experience none-the-less!


15 thoughts on “Hello Kitty, Hello Kitties, Hello Robot

  1. OMG! Janet this makes me want to get on a plane to Korea! Hello Kitty cafe?! Mega – I love HK!
    But…. the cat cafe?! It is MADE for me. Wow. I wish we had one in Dublin!

    1. Haha there’s an enterprising idea for you kelly, open a Kitty Cafe in dublin! Everyone would flock there and you could make lots of money AND get to play with cats all day haha. 🙂

  2. Jacob is in love with the kitty cafe – I like Hello Kitty and we both agree that the robo one seems awesome.
    So yea, we must make plans to venture forth to these new and exciting locations!

    1. Totally, you want to head there on Saturday! Maybe we’ll come across a creepy black Cat in thrue halloween spirit!

    1. Yea, I read about the restaurant in the jumbo jet but I thought it had been closed down for a few years now so didnt post about it. If its open I will deffo write about and visit it too!! 🙂

  3. hey Janet, great post! I’d totally like to go to robo cafe; do you know the address? P.S. have you visited it?

    1. Hi Lily! Still have not made it to Robo cafe but I have been to the Hello Kitty cafe and the cat cage which are pretty cool and both in Hongdae!

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