Where to go, where to go….

So I was told this week I could take a 10 day holiday from work the end of January (perfect timing as that’s when I shall turn a quarter of a century (25 years old…ancient I know). The only thing I need to decide now is where to go and am in desperate need of suggestions/inspiration or even somebody to make the decsion for me so I can book those flights!

At the moment I’m debating between Thailand or the Philipines. Or maybe even China. Except come the end of January, if I have not already turned into an icicle, i’m guessing I shall want to escape to warmer pastures and not icy cold China. My friend and fellow teacher here in Korea, has been to both places and says they are both equally awesome.

Gah decisions decisions. If you have been to EITHER place please comment with your advice as to where to go/what to do!

The Philipinnes…

Amazing scuba diving, stunning beaches and fun resorts. Everything, including flights, seem to be super cheap and I have heard nothing but good things about how friendly the people are.

I could see myself here...


Who hasn’t heard good things about Thailand. Super cheap, awesome beaches, full moon beach parties, thai buckets, amazing sunsets, elephant trekking, bustling Bangkok and no doubt much more.

Mmm buckets of alcohol...


4 thoughts on “Where to go, where to go….

  1. I haven’t been in Philipinnes (which looks awesome by the way), but I have been in Thailand and I think its a great place to go on vacation and party hard for your birthday!

    1. Thailand! It was nothing but wonderful. Stayed in Chiang Mai for 3 weeks and then Phuket for 3 days. Depends on what you are looking for. Think of what cuisine you would want to be eating for two weeks. They seem to be very different.

      1. Ohhh sounds amazing. I would much prefer thai food but have heard so many good things from mates that have been to the phillipines im sure I would be able to get a variety of food there too. x

    2. Yea I think if I wanna party hard I will head to Thailand alright. Thanks for the advice! Now I just need to look for cheap flight…

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