Lady Gaga and the Big Hairy Box.

How do I sum up Halloween in Korea? I can’t. It was just way to random to put into words. When I was on the subway home at 9.30 am, dressed as a zombie and sitting beside a blue smurf, looking across at a line of fully kitted-out Korean hikers who are staring back at me as if I had 2 heads (which in fairness,I probably did!), I began to recount the craziness of the previous 14 hours. Yes, that’s right…F.O.U.R.T.E.E.N  Hours!!

As Halloween is not widely celebrated in Korea the places where one could purchase a costume were limited. This really encouraged people to localize their costumes and use their imagination. The results of this shortful were nothing short of awesome.

In my friend group alone we had; a bruised up Korean Love couple, a MAN dressed as snow white, a guy many people failed to notice was dressed up as he only had a bitta blood running down his nose covered in white powder (…cocaine addict in  case ya didn’t catch on there…!), two Zombie Korean school girls, a pirate, a golden snitch ..( a la Harry Potter!), a blue smurf… (the ultimate Irish Smurf!), and an aweosme Rag doll with a hand-made rag dress. An eclectic bunch to say the least.

The Golden SnitchSmurf Tara and Rag Doll Lee
The Big Hairy Box
Smurf and Rag-Doll (Tara and Lee)

In the first bar we went to there were some seriously awesome characters. My favourites included; a hot couple with home-made Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber costumes, a guy dressed as a ‘big hairy box’, some hot guys dressed as indians with pretty much close to no clothes on, a dominatrix geisha and her slave and BEST OF ALL… an english guy dressed as an Ajamma(old korean woman), who spent the whole night sweeping the floor and blasting people with random korean phrases.

Another truely unique and awesome character was a man who made a brief appearance in a hospital gown (escaped hospital patient…?!) He was hooked up to an IV, and the regualr water bags had been replaced by a bottle of Soju (potent korean alcohol) and Kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage and the Korean staple). He randomly wandered around then just left…to go back to hospital I guess!!

Me as a Korean school girl with my hot Indian!
Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber Couple
Peace Man!

From the first bar we continued back to the main strip of Itaewon, where we got our fix of delicious street food in the form of turkish kebabs, then proceeded on to Seoul pub, where i met some lovely Irish people and a guy dressed as a giant PEACE sign (when he turned around it turned into a giant F-YOU sign, which was classic.)

Next we headed up a big hill, known in Itaewon as hooker hill, as it’s full of…you guessed it…hookers. Despite this we ended up in an other worldly bar where some woman (at least *I think that’s what she was) took me on a loop of the dance-floor, teaching me some coutry 2-step. So random. A few more hope around the dancefloor singing to ‘Save a horse, Ride a cowboy’, a dinks run upstairs for cheap jello-shots and we were on our way again.

Looking rough...matching love couple
Spiderman and Snow-White vefore they pounced on eachother
The Subway Ride home....

Next we headed to Hongdae where we eneded up in Bricx, a club way too chilled for our liking, so heading across to GoGo’s and FF’s where we bopped along to whatever was playing and ended an awesome night. O r so we thought. As they were ushering us out at 8am as the bar closed, we decided to head BACK to itaewon in search of an Irish breakfast but instead ended up drinking cheap Korean beer and eating hash browns in Mcdonalds.

When you end up in Maccy D’s at 10am two things are certain…

1. You’ve had an epic night.

2. It’s, without doubt, time to get your ass home to bed. Which is exactly what we did.


10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga and the Big Hairy Box.

    1. haha whatever you’re into. NAH he was deffo the peace sign…ya cant take a photo here without some korean doing it.

    1. Oh Dear. Not cool at all. I thought he was doing the whole korean peace sign thing.
      Gah what a rotter.
      Thanks for the…education haha.

  1. I have a problem with the overall premise of your article but I still think its really informative. I really like your other posts. Keep up the great work. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks Churivannia.

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