Sending Justin Bieber to North Korea?!

So a few months ago, an elaborate viral campaign was set up here, in an attempt to send Justin Bieber on a tour of North Korea.  The head ache enducing starlet wouldn’t have stood much a chance of survival in what many people refer to as ‘the scariest and most isolated nation on earth’.

Even if the rising star was given permission to enter North Korea, it wouldn’t be much of a tour considering the capital has only one night club and the majority of the population would probably be banned from going anyway.  


The site owners released a statement saying they were not doing this prank to cause hate against Bieber or to try to send him to North Korea, but that they were “simply trying to making it look like his biggest fan base was in North Korea.” Funny, considering the poor north Koreans don’t even have internet access and couldn’t vote for themselves!

Justin Bieber


One funny comment I saw when it turned out, sadly, that we WOULDN’T be going to North Korea was;

 “What the hell is this!? I Specifically asked for Justin bieber to sing for MY birthday? NOBODY disobeys Kim Jong Il! Nobody. Not even Justin Bieber”.

Another said;

” Yes send him here to Best Korea…North Korea is Best Korea”. (posted by Kim Jong Il himself?! ;0 )

Too funny.

Despite the intentions, good or bad, this entertaining little news snippet made me think who else we should send to North Korea, should we be given the chance… what do you guys think? I shall start with my top 5… (which could well change..!)

1. Janice from ‘Friends’.

2. The whole cast of ‘The Hills’. Gah.

3. Nikki Graham from Big Brother.

4. Sarah Palin.

5. Cast of Twilight.

Oh and ANYONE who consistently invites me to play farmville on facebook. Gah.

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