Do YOU believe in Fan Death!

Korea is one of the most technologically developed nations on earth. Seoul was recently revealed as the world’s most wired city with the fastest internet connection in the world. They have one of the highest standards of living in all of Asia and it is also home to technology giants such as Samsung and LG. Despite this however, Koreans still seem to believe in a ridiculous thing called “Fan Death”.

“Fan Death?”, I hear you say. Yes, FAN Death. Many Koreans will not stay in the same room as a fan (especially if said fan is without timer) , fearful it will suck all the oxygen out the room and they will die. Thus the name, ‘fan death’. Many deaths in Korea are blamed on this ‘fan death’, desite obvious scientific or natural reasons available for the cause of death.

Some of the best Halloween costumes this year were of peoples dressed up as ‘Fan Death’. I’m sure any Koreans who saw them ware scared senseless.

Arrghhh it's FAN DEATH....


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