Dirty, Rotten, Scoundrels

A four-hour long, yellow, dirty, dust storm shall be filling our skies tonight, following the heavy hail and thunder storms from earlier today. The reason for this sudden crazy weather front? Well, according to my boss,

“It’s punishment from God for allowing a group of conniving, psychopathic war criminals into the country”. 

And so G20 summit begins!

On a TOTALLY different note, I saw this on facebook and had to share…

Cross the Korean border illegally and you’ll get 12 years hard labour.

Cross the Chinese border illegally, you may never be heard from again.

Cross the Afghan border illegally, you get shot.

Cross the Irish border and you get… a job, healthcare, free education, housing benefit, child benefit and a place to live!

No wonder the country is in ruins…


3 thoughts on “Dirty, Rotten, Scoundrels

  1. That same forward is used for the USA too. I think it’s pretty ridiculous…it’s used to stir up xenophobia while comparing your country to countries with very bad human rights records.

    Your boss is pretty fundamentalist eh? Usually I hear the reason being blamed on the Chinese. Apparently they cut down a forest which then turned into a desert and now the winds bring yellow dust here every year. There’s always somebody to blame 😀 hehe

    1. Yeah I’ve seen it referring to the US too. It my case I don’t mean it to look down on the countries with stricter border rules but more to illustrate why Ireland is such a broke country in debt at the moment- we seem to thrwo money away at anyone who arrives. If you don’t have a job you get more than 200 euro a week cash to do as you pleae AND free housing…its hardly an incentive to go find work is it. I think we should have a TIGHTER border crossing!!

      1. Oh, I know you didn’t post it to look down on the countries with tighter borders. My beef with it is that most of these countries are considered to have VERY bad human rights records and to compare your own country *if it claims to have good human rights records or fight for them like America does* it’s a bit of a silly argument to compare your punishments to those of Communist or dictatorial regimes (Usually Iran is mentioned).

        On a side point, I agree that each country should have a tighter control on illegal immigration but this email is definately the wrong way to illustrate it.

        back to the G20…what do you think of the mass protesters every year? I wonder if people just protest..in the name of protesting and to be ‘against the establishment’ What do you think?

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