Flying without wings

“I hope our bus doesn’t crash again”, we joked. BAM. Literally ten seconds later a taxi smashes into a turning car about five feet in front of our bus. And so begins another adventure in Korea.

Going to bed at 5am is one thing. Getting up at 5am is a whole other kettle of fish. However, despite the early start our day Ziplining over tree tops down a Korean mountain was nothing short of awesome. I went on the trip with three other friends (fellow teachers from Paju; a Kiwi, an American and a Brit), who were all equally as excited as me about the prospect of flying down a Korean mountain valley.

The crazy journey up the mountain to the starting point was nearly as much fun as the Zipline course itself. Imagine 10 excited foreigners strapped into the back of a converted pick up truck, holding on for dear lives whilst attempting to take photos of the stunning views, as the truck bounded up the hillside like some sort of bizarre roller coaster ride. After a quick briefing we set off to start our day of flying fun.

The only bit of or nerves I experienced was at the first Zipline. The guide told us, “Just walk off the edge there” pointing downwards. The edge in question was hundreds of feet above the valley floor and the other side of the zipline was a good 2-300 metres away. Gah. Once I was strapped on, I did what he said and simply “walked off the edge” and proceeded to whizz across to the other side shouting cries of glee!

The course involved lots of fun games including; blowing up balloons as we zoomed down the mountain and a crazy game of target practice with some magnetic darts. After over 2 hours of flying goodness, lots of banter with our friendly guides, our day of fun in the sun ended and a crazy night in Hongdae awaited us.

*Photos to follow*



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