Korea Bucket List

Over the next year in Korea my friends and I have been discussing a list of thing to do, things to see, and places to go before leaving Korea. A ‘Bucket List’ so to speak. In my first post about MY KOREA BUCKET LIST, I am going to talk about all the Cool Cafes I want to visit, which shall be added to my previous list of the Hello Kitty Cafe, Cat cafe and Robot Cafe mentioned in my “Hello Kitty, Hello Cat, Hello Robot!”. post.

Charlie Brown Cafe

Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown? Not me that’s for sure! It may be geeky and kitsch but sure you only live once and if you’re dying for a coffee you may as well have a bit of reading and funny pics to entertain you too! This place, located in Hongdae I believe, serves delicious Charlie Brown cakes and muffins, has comics for customers to read and Charlie Brown memorabilia scattered about the place. A nice place to while away a cold, winters afternoon no doubt.

Cup N Plate Cafe

As opposed to the Jumbo Jet now converted into a fancy restaurant with fabulous food located in the south of Korea, this little gem of a cafe puts the sometimes loved but mostly hated airplane food onto your plate, or in this case plastic tray, without you ever having to leave the ground. That is correct…I WANT to eat plane food even though Im not obliged too. It is a gimicky idea but the food is actually supposed to be great and everything from starter to your packet of peanuts of fruit salad for dessert comes out on a neat tray…awesomeness. So what will it be…Chicken or Beef.

Bau House Cafe

When I told my mum I was thinking of going to a Cat Cafe she laughed and reminded me who much I disliked the hairy disloyal furballs. Dogs on the other hand are right down my alley and thus comes the appeal of this bow wow doggy cafe. I hear its a bit smelly and now as calm and collect as the kitty cafe but so be it…dogs are cooler so let them be loud and proud!

Dr Fish , Namugeuneul Cafe

What better way to shelter from the ghastly Korean winter than to snuggle up in a chair with a choice of over 3,000 books, free tea and coffee re-fills, a buffet table of home bakes bread and a quiet relaxed atmosphere. Oh and some fish to nibble off the dead skin on your feet… My parents went to one of these cafes in Thailand so now it is my turn to experience the wrath of these tiny little flesh eaters while sipping a hot chocolate and reading favourite novel.


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