The ‘I love your blog’ interview

Right, so this cool little interview task is doing its rounds on the blogospher at the moment and I have been nominated by the always lovely, always smiling Suddenly Susan to try it out. Hopefully you will enjoy reading and it might give you a little more info about me.

Why Did you Create your blog?

This blog was actually set up as part of an online Journalism module while I was at Uni. The funny (sad really) reality is I hated the idea of been made to blog daily so much that I refused to do it and actually……FAILED the module and had to repeat it during the summer. Nightmare. Oh how things have changed. I ressurected it about 3 months ago and now can’t get enough of my bloggy wog.  The main difference is I can now write about my travel adventures instead of boring online journalism educational rubbish. HAPPY DAYS!

What kind of blogs do you follow?

I follow a wide range of blogs. From the always quirky ‘A Chick Named Hermia’ to my mates blogs about fashion, music and life. At the moment, however, most of the blogs I follow are written by fellow foreigners here in the land of the morning calm and revolve around life in Korea and it’s ups and downs. I also love reading travel blogs, when I have the time.

Favourite make-up brand

I’m not big into make up so don’t have a favourite brand. I have never really been a girly girl so would rather spend my money on cheap Ryanair flights to latvia than on a super expensive bottle of liquid magic foundation or whatever they call it! I normally stick to Rimmel unless I can raid my mums makeup bag..that has lots of lovely Clarins goodies.

Your favourite colour

No idea. I love wearing red lipstickk and at the moment I’m wearing lots of  black, which is fairly depressing so I would have to say….SKY BLUE or Pink or Purple during the winter! Yes I do love bright colours so I do!

Your Perfume

I have been wearing Sarah Jessica Parker ‘Lovely’ for a few years ever since my friend Jeni bought it for my birthday one year. I also love Lancome ‘Miracle’ and YSL ‘Baby Doll Paris’. Lots of sweet and lovely girly smells despite me not been a girly girl, I know! the perfume I’m saving up for/would ABSOLUTELY love ir Victor Rolf ‘Flower Bomb’..Mmmm

Your Favourite Film

Constant Gardener hands down. I ca’t get enough of that movie and really feel I can relate to it as many of the scenes were shot in a village where two friends and I spent a summer teaching English, in the far remote desert of northern Kenya. I also love Shall We Dance with Richard Gere and J-Lo and Amlost Famous…such awesome music!

What country would you like to visit and why?

This is a seriously difficuly question. So I ‘m going to adjust it slightly from ‘country’ to ‘continent’ and say ANTARCTICA! It’s been my dream to go here after interviewing Jonathon Shackleton about his polar explorarion. Seems like one of the most natural, ae inspiring and spectacualr places on the planet. Failing this I guess…Alaska would be cool too.

Write a question yourself and answer it: What are your plans for this weekend?

I’m going Ski-ing in the Korean mountains and am UBER excited. Have not been for years so hope I don’t fall over and  make a complete ass of myself, but that will be a story for another post!!

Hey you! You’re next…

From Korea with love

Ahn nyeong ha se ya



6 thoughts on “The ‘I love your blog’ interview

  1. Did you interview Shackleton? My hubby is reading “South” right now and is currently obsessed with going there, too. Hubby would like to do crazy overland stuff, however, while I am content to do crazy cruising and short shore visits.

    As for me, one of my greatest travel inspirations, a great, great aunt who was also one of the only women in our family to join the military (like me), is leading me to want to visit, as well. When she was in her 80’s, I believe, and suffering from a painful illness, she booked a cruise to Antarctica. When one of her friends looked at her in disbelief and uncomprehendingly asked, “Why?!” she looked at her friend as if she was an idiot (or perhaps a not-very-bright child) and said, “Because I’ve never been there before!”

    Best story ever! Love my family of tiny, fireball, women!

    1. Ahhh awesome!
      Yeah I interviewed him for my thesis…was fascinating!! He even showed me the sled that was used all those years back on the first voyage..madness!!!
      Im adding YOU to this list of ‘I Love your blog’ so now YOU must fill out this post too! 😀

      1. Hahaha, ok. Will be free next week to get back into blogging. It’s been a month of full time work, so I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. Looking forward to getting going again! (ps: It’s ‘TourAbsurd’ 😉

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