Now THAT’S what I call STYLE!!

Korean snowboarders are awesome. Well, their balance anint all that good and they seem to fall and their backsides too frequently for comfort BUT boy are their clothes too cool for school. Who are these ghetto-tastic guys and gals covered from head to toe in multicoloured designer snowboarding chic, aweswome hats, snzzy boards and overly baggy pants that cant possible be comfortable when flying down a mountain at dizzying speeds.

I’ve been skiing many times before in Europe, where the slopes are packed with skiiers in their chic matching, designer oufits and oakley sunglasses. In Korea, It’s ALL about the snowboarders. In fact I spent so much time on Saturday gawping in Amazement at their out-of-this-world ensembles that It’s a miracle I didn’t tumble down the mountain and seriously injure myself!

First you need an multi-coloured hat!
Newxt you need some funky snow-boots!
Get yourself a funky board...
Reading to rock the slopes!
Rocking out!

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